Reliability of global supply chains has a direct impact on business performance for shippers. Timely arrival of goods is vital to maintaining supply levels for every industry. Unexpected delays are most acutely felt in industries that ship vulnerable goods such as pharmaceuticals or perishable items. But for any business that relies on just-in-time inventory management, 特别事件或促销活动, unexpected delays can have a negative impact on their bottom line and ability to compete, 更不用说他们与客户的关系了.


根据国际航运协会的说法, 世界上90%的贸易是通过船舶进行的[1]. With the average global schedule reliability of container shipping for some trades as low as 50%[2], delays have a negative economic impact not only on individual shippers, 而是全球经济生产力. 而在集装箱运输中,延误是无法完全避免的, proactive notification of delays would enable shippers and their consignees to prepare for the “unexpected” by making alternative operational plans.

自从数字化到来以来, some carriers or third parties have been able to provide additional data to shippers (and their freight forwarders) regarding ETA, 或者修改到达日期. 然而, 在很多情况下, the data quality is questionable due to the lack of a common language across carriers, 甚至在一个载体内. 也, the mechanism for informing customers of changes is often impractical, requiring shippers to search for the latest ETA on multiple carrier web portals. 这不仅是昂贵和耗时的托运人, it is virtually impossible for companies that ship thousands or more TEUs per year.


Digitalisation within a single carrier’s operation can improve on the above scenario to a certain extent for shipments that are confined to a single mode and carrier, but many shipments are executed across multiple carriers and modes of transport[3]. 目前, container shipping as a whole lacks a common approach to technology and common definitions for data and processes, 使各方之间的信息交换变得困难.

Having a common data language and framework for processes based on shared requirements is the first step to ensuring that high-quality data can be communicated in a way that is understandable and usable for any stakeholder in the supply chain regardless of carrier, 技术平台的选择, 甚至是交通方式.

Digital Container Shipping Association (永利皇宫app下载注册) works in close conjunction with our ocean carrier members, 行业利益相关者, 解决方案提供商, industry regulators and other standards bodies to develop open-source standards that can be freely adopted by all to provide seamless, uninterrupted and automatic (if desired) communication of shipping data. 特别是在轨道领域 & 跟踪和物联网(IoT), 我们的标准从端到端驱动最大的可见性, enabling shippers to receive updates regarding the whereabouts of containers and the status of their contents at any point along the container journey.


可见性的一个关键组成部分是数据的及时性. Can shippers get the information they need in time to avoid disruption? 有数字化的方法, 例如EDI, 使数据能够以电子方式交换, 但只能是单向和批量的. 提供托运人所需的敏捷性和响应性, 数字数据通信协议必须使用api开发.

api支持双向, real-time data exchange which benefits everyone involved in a transaction, 特别是在异常处理方面. 与api, shippers can query a carrier’s system or subscribe to automatically receive status updates for any relevant event. 如果有延迟或其他类型的例外情况, shippers can learn about them as they happen and work to resolve them immediately. 永利皇宫app下载注册 standards are published with API definitions and design principles to ensure robust, real-time communication that can scale to meet global industry demands now and in the future.

下一个步骤? 领养,领养,领养

Digital transformation in highly standardised industries such as banking and telecommunications didn’t happen overnight, 但这确实发生在几十年前. This contributed to their ability to weather the COVID pandemic without disrupting global operations. While disruptions along the physical supply chain due to COVID (such as factory closures) were unavoidable, the impact on container shipping could have been diminished if the industry was more digitalised and standardised. Container transportation can be more resilient if (API-based) digital standards such as those published by 永利皇宫app下载注册 are widely implemented by carriers, 解决方案提供商和供应链中的其他参与者.

发货人 who wish to have more 可靠的 shipping services must start by working with their carriers and service providers to adopt standards that will create a foundation for timely exception handling, 驱动可靠, 跨运营商的实时数据是一致的. 有了这些标准, shippers can have instant access to the information they need to make informed, 关于库存管理的数据驱动决策, 帮助在所有利益相关者之间建立信任. 一旦通过透明建立信任, 真正的创新是可以发生的——这种创新将使透明成为可能, 可靠的, 易于使用, 安全环保的货柜运输服务.

[2]李海涛, Global Liner Report July 2019 as summarized by Verband der Chemischen Industrie (VCI)